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Photographer – George Brown

George Brown - Photographer

Welcome I would first like to tell you that I created this site not to showcase my work, but to showcase the are of the model. In this aspect I open the site any model who would like to create an online space for their portfolio. If you would like to have a great space to feature your photographs... imagine being able to say.. Please review my portfolio at "My Modeling Info.com slash your name" You can have this space and reserve your name for only $4.99 per month which is $59.88 per year or if you pay it up front save another $9.88 which is on $50.00 per year.

A few other projects, first would be a personal project which is based on his first career as a sex therapist. So I am currently working on creating a modern Kama Sutra. Show models in as many of these positions that can really be done... Yes.. Yes.. I know the joy of sex, but that was created in the 1970's. Let's see if it can be improved upon. There is a sub-project which is to also show in video media how and why these positions are used. It is a multi-year project.


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See what Amanda said about the last Mini-Modeling Boot Camp

 Enough about the general business lets about about my passion. For the past 23 years I have been producing images that I am proud of and worked with many models that have made it a lot of fun. Currently my major project is this summer I want to run a mini-modeling bootcame every other weekend while the weather permits.

I have lived in Hawaii for the past 8 years where I enjoyed year around perfect weather, I am back in Chicago... Yes I know what am I thinking? I do enjoy Hawaii and take photography trips and give tours 4 times a year.

Here is one day shooting with one model....

This is great because I get to invite photographers to take breath taking photographs of Hawaii, including the bright red light of a massive volcano, the beautiful hidden inner island of Oahu, and of course my Island, the Island of Kauai - The Garden Island. I also get to bring up and coming models who would like a guided tour of the islands but also build a portfolio which is unmatched, stunning backdrops which will improve any model's portfolio.