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Mini-Modeling Bootcamp

This great Modeling Boot-Camp based in Chicago, in this 12 hour hands-on intensive boot camp you will not only learn more about the modeling business then you would in an entire month in school, You will also have taken all the photographs needed to have an incredible portfolio.

Please note this is not for someone just wanting to see what modeling is all about. This is a boot camp, you will be shooting and learing all day. Even you lunch and breaks are part of this boot camp.... Don't bother thinking you are going to have time to text anyone. This is a fast pace learn by doing boot camp.

You will learn:

  • Poses
  • Dressing tips for your figure
  • Make-up tips
  • Contract law
  • How to get an agent
  • Working with agents
  • How to kick your agent in the ass to get you more work



This boot camp just like the real army boot camp, starts at 5am. Yes if you party.... just stay up after all it is the weekend. BUT if you look tired and warnout that is on you. We recommend that you go to bed around 8 pm the night before. 8 hours sleep looks good in photographs.

What should you bring?

We shoot in 9 locations weather permitting and some days up to 12 location. I would recommend you bring 7 outfits which can be exchanged into at least 10 different looks.

You should also bring your entire accessories collection.

You should bring all the footwear which matches the outfits - ALONG with one good pair of walking shoes, we walk most of downtown.

We recommed you also bring a drag along suit case to carry all these items.


  • Have you ever wanted to have a proffessional portfilio and the knowledge how to use it?

  • Do you think if you could only get a break... You would be the next top model?

  • Have you ever wanted honest advice from proffessional in the industry?

Example of the days scheduling: (Please note this changes for all kinds of reasons)

If you see text in blue below.. it will open a new window and show you an example of that type of pic, once done viewing close window and this page will be open still.

5am - meet at secrete location begin orenatation

5:30 - 1st location - test pics to check color and begin the day

6:30 - 2nd location - Woman going to work Business attire

10:00 - 5th Location - Beach... bring at least 3 swimsuits

11:00 - 6th Location - Beach.., beach wear, (Tank, t-shirt, shorts, sundress etc)  accessories (sunglasses and at least 1 hat)

12:00 Noon LUNCH - Yeah... Home work, write a bio for your online profile

1:30 -

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